haruka na hoshizora ni yume wa mada miemasu ka?


20 December
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I'm an artist.I love Wish Bear. And I also love my Kris Roe and my Johnny Depp. I like to be controversial. I'm paranoid. Too geeky for you. I talk too much. I like punk. I like guns. I'm not blonde. HUGE otaku. Any questions?

These are the things that make me free
I feel like I'm stuck in "stand by me"
This night is too good to be true.
{The Ataris; San Dimas High School Football rules)

I rock too fast for love
I'm footloose in my velcro shoes.
{Motion City Soundtrack; The future freaks me out}

I guess that I'm wrong for falling in love,
But you're still the one that I'm dreaming of.
I guess that it's you I want to hold onto,
But you're holding onto someone else.
{The Ataris; Broken Promise Ring}

I'm more alone with you than when I'm by myself.
{The Ataris; My hotel year}

Ordinary's just not good enough today.
{Our Lady Peace; Superman's Dead}

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